Remember On Golden Pond? Well, October Gale is sorta like that—except the husband is dead and the young man who comes to visit the idyllic country getaway is a fugitive with a gunshot wound. Oh, and the wife is a crack shot who has to defend herself when a figurative and literal storm brews outside.

Okay, so maybe it’s nothing like On Golden Pond. There aren’t even any loons—unless you count Tim Roth.

In the exclusive trailer for the thriller, Patricia Clarkson plays the recently widowed doctor who heads to her Canadian cottage for the first time since her husband’s death. A bleeding hunk (Scott Speedman) washes ashore, and as a gale bears down on them, Roth’s frightening Canuck closes in to finish the job. Directed by Ruba Nadda, who directed Clarkson in Cairo Time, October Gale debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.