Michael Angarano woos ‘The English Teacher’
By Victoria Ahearn  The Canadian Press TORONTO – Actor Michael Angarano has brought his boyish charm to a variety of roles, from the young version of an aspiring rock journalist in the film “Almost Famous” to an ailing skateboard enthusiast in “Lords of Dogtown” and Jack’s son on TV’s “Will & Grace.”

But a few of his characters have shared a similar, coming-of-age path.In the 2010 film “Ceremony,” his character is infatuated with an older woman (Uma Thurman). In 2005′s “One Last Thing,” he plays a terminally ill teen whose dying wish is to spend a weekend with a supermodel (Sunny Mabrey) several years his senior.

And in his new romantic comedy “The English Teacher,” opening Friday in Toronto and Vancouver, the 25-year-old takes on the role of a university graduate who woos his former high school teacher (Julianne Moore) as they attempt to mount his play.Read the Interview Here