Rising star Anna Hopkins is quickly making a name for herself in Hollywood. The 28-year-old Montreal native followed up her breakout role as Paul Giamatti’s daughter in 2010’s Barney’s Version with guest spots on Lost Girl, Arrow and The Flash, and last year joined the cast of the hit sci-fi drama Defiance. Now, the actress is taking a walk on the wicked side, playing a less-than-kind fashionista in the fairytale-themed family comedy After the Ball (in theatres Feb. 27). Hello! caught up with the beautiful actress to chat about filming in her hometown, her co-star, Chris Noth, and the important lessons she's learned from her colleagues.


What was the best part about filming in your hometown?

It was so lovely to go back. My grandmother still lives in Montreal so I didn’t stay in a hotel because I decided to stay with her. I got to tell her all the stories from set everyday when I got home.

Playing Mr. Big’s stepdaughter must have been so much fun! Were you a fan of Sex and the City?

[Laughs] You know what, I only ever saw a few episodes! But he’s so iconic as the character of Mr. Big, so when I found out he was in the film I thought it was pretty exciting. I think some of my friends were even more excited because they loved the show.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since becoming an actor?

Just to be consistent with my work and to work really hard. The people that I really look up to and that I think have wonderful careers are ones that are easy to work with on set and come with a very positive attitude. I saw that with Paul Giamatti and Michel Côté, who I just did a French film with. These actors have been in many wonderful movies and are stars, but they come to set like it’s their job and they’re so professional. I think watching that has stuck with me and I try to do that with my work as well