It’s high time shoppers rediscover the Canadian clothing company Le Château, at least according to actress Lauren Holly.

And the Montreal-based company, which was founded in 1959, has done just that — with a little dose of celebrity style from the star’s capsule collection, Lauren’s Closet.

“I need people to go and discover Le Château all over again,” Holly said of the required re-think. “A lot of people thought the brand had only to do with the prom or young people ... But believe me, I wouldn’t be running around spouting about prom dresses.”

Now gearing up for the release of her new holiday line, Holly is looking to draw even more shoppers in to see her carefully curated womenswear collection, which includes clothing, shoes and accessories.

While Holly lays no claim to owning design talents, she says it’s her unique situation as both a longtime actress and a mother-of-three that makes the brand partnership work.

“I think one of the reasons they were interested in doing this with me is because I sort of represented the older, working woman,” she explained.

Taking time out of filming the Vancouver-shot CTV crime drama Motive, which sees the 51-year-old actress in the role of Dr. Betty Rogers, Holly chatted about her new collection, her personal style must-haves and her favourite holiday pieces.

Q You first partnered with Le Château earlier this year. How did the Lauren’s Closet capsule collection come about?

A Last spring I made a film called After the Ball, which is a romantic comedy starring Chris Noth, Portia Doubleday and Marc-André Grondin. And I’m the evil stepmother. It’s a really good cast. And at my first fitting for the film — fashion is really important in this movie — I was told that Le Château was doing all the clothes. I had never really heard of (the company) but when I went to the first fitting, I loved the clothes. I became really familiar with the brand ... (and) the people who run the company. We had a sort of mutual admiration group going on, and I was laughing because I was spending all my money at their stores. So I told them they should forget about calling the stores Le Château, they should just call them Lauren’s Closet.

It has been so enlightening to me and I’m very thrilled to be a part of this because I honestly love the clothes so much. It has been an amazing experience working with them on everything. They really listen to my opinion and it has been quite exhilarating. I’m proud of the clothes because they’re so great — and I love the price ... It’s so easy for me to tell people about it because it’s (accessible). I think the world is sick of excess. I think it’s fine that there are people touting other brands, but if you buy one of their bags you might not be able to pay your mortgage.

Q The majority of the pieces from the collection are priced less than $200, correct?

A Yes, it’s crazy! My bags, my boots, my shoes are all leather and Italian-made.

Q As a Hollywood actress, you’re also the perfect role model to elevate the brand.

A I think it’s awesome because now, even on (the television show) Motive, I’m wearing only my Laurent’s Closet clothes. That has been a very important thing that more people will be knowing about very soon. And now other people are getting into Le Château on the Motive set, as well.

Q As a Canadian company, the Le Château team must be excited about having their clothes on a television show.

A Yes. We are on in many countries, all over the world. So, when these episodes start airing it will be very exciting.

Q Did you design the pieces in the Lauren’s Closet collection or did you curate from existing designs?

A Le Château has an incredible team of designers and they have been so amazing to me because I can tell them what women want. They’re very collaborative. But I would never say that I could compete with them in the design world.

As an example, I really wanted a tuxedo jacket in the holiday collection because there are so many times that I don’t want my arms out and I’m sick of those little wraps. They’re not me. So, they whipped one up that I love.

Q What motivated you when picking your designs?

A For me, what’s great about Lauren’s Closet is that I am a working mom who commutes across the country for my job. My schedule is ridiculous. And, to be honest, my boys are at that age — they’re all preteens — where it all of a sudden matters what I wear when I pick them up at school. Before I could have gone in my Mickey Mouse pyjamas, but now, it matters. So, it’s like, what can I get up and put on that I feel and look good in. Because if there’s one thing I don’t have time for is putting something on that I don’t immediately feel great in and that’s not easy to wear. I can’t stand things that I need certain undergarments for, or are too tucked in or zipped up — too much fuss. I can’t handle that.

Q Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

A That’s tough. But I will tell you what I just cannot stop wearing: my leggings, my black sweater coat with red stripes in it, black, flat over-the-knee boots — those are pretty much a constant for me — and even my blouses. I am so not a blouse person, but the blouses I chose are so comfortable that I wear them all the time. Lauren’s Closet pieces are pretty much all I wear now.

Q If you could pinpoint three criteria an item of clothing must meet before you purchase it — Lauren’s Closet or others — what would they be?

A The first thing is: can I wear it a bunch of different ways? For years, I went through a phase where I would buy things that I really liked but I could only wear them a certain way. So, if I can wear it a bunch of different ways, if the price point is correct, and if it’s comfortable.

Q How would you describe your personal style?

A It’s pretty simple. I’m not very ornate, but I also like my presence to be known.

Q Is there a piece in your entire wardrobe that best represents your style?

A I would say, from my fall Lauren’s Closet line: A zip-up little black jacket that has pleather sleeves. It is one of those things that you can throw on top of anything.

Q If I’m not mistaken, quite a few of the Le Château pieces are actually made in Canada, correct?

A Absolutely. They have a huge percentage of their items that are manufactured in Canada.

Q The reaction to your first collection has been very positive. Can you give your fashion fans a sneak peek into the holiday collection?

A I love the holiday collection. It runs the gamut — it will take you to everything that you need. I have a few understated pieces that are easy to wear to work and then wear out at night, all the way to super-bling (gowns). It’s really fun and really comfortable ... and it just has a lot of class to it.

Q Is there one piece you think people are going to crave most?

A People love my jumpsuits. And I have one in holiday that is amazing. Everyone is going to look great in it.

Q You have done a few personal appearances at Le Château stores, including one in the works for Vancouver. Why is it important for you to get out and meet the fans of your Lauren’s Closet line?

A Because I really love these clothes. I think the only thing that Le Château needs at this moment is for people to re-discover them. If I can be the one thing to bring a few more people out, then I know they’re going to love what they see.

Q What’s next for you?

After The Ball is coming out in the spring and I have another feature film called Hoovey that’s also coming out in the spring. I’m going to begin promoting the Lauren’s Closet holiday line... and then I don’t wrap Motive until March. So, I will be doing the Toronto to Vancouver commute during that time, too.