Patricia Clarkson is one of the most talented and versatile American actresses working today, so it’s always a nice surprise to see her headlining a feature, even if said feature looks like a generic home invasion thriller. At least, that’s what the recently released trailer for “October Gale” makes it look like. Clarkson stars as Helen, a depressed woman who works through the grief of losing her husband by cleaning out the remote cottage she shared with him. After a mysterious wounded man (Scott Speedman) crawls into her cottage, Helen is compelled to take care of him. When the man’s attackers, led by Tim Roth in full-on stoic creep mode that we know and love, find the cottage to finish the job, Helen has to defend her life by any means necessary.

With “October Gale”, Canadian writer/director Ruba Nadda works with Clarkson again after the two collaborated on “Cairo Time”, a lesser-known romance released in 2009. The trailer lets us know how impressive the cast is by reminding us that both Clarkson and Roth are Academy Award nominees. Fortunately, they don’t use the text “Underworld’s Scott Speedman” to showcase Speedman after two Oscar nominees, otherwise things could have looked a bit awkward. “October Gale” will be released on VOD on January 27th and will open in theatres on March 6th. You can watch the trailer below: