Join Michael Caine as he curates his coming of age during London’s Swinging Sixties in My Generation. It was a time of social and cultural upheaval and a new generation of post-war youth demanded a total reboot to rid the UK of its entrenched, repressive classism. They did it through music, art, cinema and dress, and created a new order that actually did change things in the UK. Caine talks about this working class upbringing and this entry into film, often playing characters of the period. Archival footage brings the time to life; Mick Jagger is mobbed coming out of court, Twiggy poses and partys, rebellion, protests, ands pop mosaic like nothing heard before. Present day interviews shed light on what the kids accomplished. And what an interview cast – Paul McCartney, Joan Collins, Marianne Faithfull, Roger Daltry, Lulu, Mary Quant, Penelope Tree and Sandie Shaw. 

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